Our Target Market

Our target market is job seekers in the professional market, qualified and degreed and businesses looking to employ new staff.

Our Value

Successful recruitment is about value – value for the organization and value for the applicant.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is relevance, value add, integrity; transparency and honesty.

Who are we

Recruitment agency:
  • Opportunities for candidates looking for jobs and new career.
  • Opportunities For companies and businesses – finding them the right
    person for the job.
  • Developing a long term relationship with businesses so that relevant recruiting can occur.
  • We can understand the culture of the business to ensure that the correct candidates are placed that match the culture and values of the business.

Our position in the market!

Relevant recruiting – not just about a “bum in a seat”

Drawing on our years of Human Resources, Training, Organisational Development experience where we worked with a variety of businesses and developing an understanding of business and people.

Our Message

Contradicting the traditional, older way of recruiting which was job specification and sourcing of a candidate. About understanding the business and its context, then the role / job and then finding the right person through a screening process which includes interviewing a candidate and doing extensive reference checks.